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About us

We love art and design — it flows through our veins like Farrow and Ball ‘Rectory Red’. We are collectors who love the thrill of discovering the next fynde, be it old/new, modern/ vintage, high/low. Above all, we are dedicated custodians of design. Our philosophy is simple; we are commited to curating a unique shopping site of the utmost quality, composed of items, or works of art, that have hit us in the gut and given us the " aha, found it!" moment. We also have the counsel of a team of professional fyndes shoppers and interior designers, who are on the hunt to bring their discoveries to our site. We embrace the energy rush, excitement and satisfaction of having found something special and unique, which we in turn will share with you.

In our search for inventory, we look for up and coming, as well as established dealers, designers, and artists who fit within our personal, eclectic sensibilities. We look for items in large cities and in small towns. We shop the US and abroad. Fyndes is an easy, user-friendly site to navigate.

As a registered user you get all these benefits, and we have plans for even more exciting features:

We are inspired daily by what we find. We hope you have a great shopping experience and enjoy discovering all the treasures we showcase at Fyndes.

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