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In this section we help you navigate through various features of the site. Please contact us if your query is not listed here.
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My Account The 'My Account' link in the menu at the top of your screen will direct you to your personal page where you can change your registration details and password. Here you will also find a summary of the portfolios you have created and the number of items in those portfolios. You will also see the dealers you have listed as your Favorites. Your Inbox displays the messages you have received from dealers. It allows you to send and receive messages through the website directly to a dealer anywhere in the world. You can also contact us from here, if you have any questions or comments about the site. My Favorites You can visit the dealers whose items you most like by clicking on the 'Add to Favorites' button, which is located on any dealer or item details page. Then, whenever you log in these dealers can quickly be accessed by clicking on the 'My Favorites' link in the menu at the top of your screen. When you have added a dealer to your Favorites you may make notes and subsequently, edit your notes. Or if you decide to remove them from your list you may do so easily too. Click on the Comments icon to the right of the dealer name, to make notes, as in the example shown. Similarly, you can delete any names by clicking on the corresponding box and then clicking the 'Remove' button below.
My Portfolios When you are viewing an item, either in the search results or on an item details page, you have the choice to add that item to your portfolio. When you click on 'Add to Portfolio' a pop up box will ask you to create and name your portfolio. A small image of that item will then be added to your 'portfolio' at the bottom of the screen with a nametag to identify it. You may group any number of items in your portfolio this way - or create separate portfolios according to your criteria. You may create a maximum of 10 portfolios.
A full list of your portfolios may be viewed by clicking on the 'My Portfolios' link in the menu at the top of your screen. You may also create and edit your portfolios from this page. Contact Dealer Click the link to 'Contact Dealer', which is located on the right side of each product details page, and a pop up box will appear on your screen. Your message will be received instantaneously by that dealer, who will respond to you via the messaging system on our site. For your convenience, a message will also be sent to the email address you provided to us at registration. All of the dealers contact information, including telephone number and email is also displayed on the page. Email A Friend If you see an item you think would be of interest to someone you know, click the link to 'Email A Friend', which is located at the bottom center of each product details page. A pop up box will appear on your screen. Fill in your friend's email address, a title and message and click 'Submit'. You may choose to withhold the price of the item by clicking the 'Do not show price' box. Download Tearsheet You may wish to download a digital copy of the details of a particular item. When you click 'Download Tearsheet' you will be directed to save a pdf file on your computer. Choose this option if you wish to keep copies of the products which you are interested in, or if you wish to email or print a copy of the details for a friend or client. To view the pdf you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here. Fynde It If you're looking for a particular item which you can't find on the site - or if you don't have time to search the site - you may use Fynde It. Access this feature by logging in and clicking on the My Account link in the menu at the top of your screen. Fill in the pop up form with details of the item you're looking for and the timeframe in which you're prepared to wait for the item to be found. One or more of our dealers will probably be able to find it for you, and will respond to your request by sending a message to your Inbox. Contact Us If this page doesn't help with your problem please contact us and we'll be only too happy to help.
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